Q and A with Nicky Greenwall Director of The Beautiful People, Her film was nominated for BEST FASHION DOCUMENTARY at LFFF2018


Q. How and when did you become interested in filmmaking?

A. I've been working as a journalist and TV producer for the last 15 years. Before that I was in advertising working as an Art Director. I've only recently started expanding into filmmaking. I've always had an interest in the concept of 'bottling truth' and I feel filmmaking gives you the tools to do that.

Q. What is a fashion documentary?

A. fashion documentary is a film or series that looks at a specific part of the fashion industry and exposes the truth of it.

Q. Why make a fashion documentary?

A.The Fashion Industry is often seen as very glamorous and aspirational, so documentaries can be particularly revealing and at times very different to what viewers might expect.


Q. What makes fashion film different to other short film genres?

A. I think fashion films specifically rely on a clear aesthetics as well as a strong story.

Q.Why did you choose these people to interview with and make their documentary?

A. Models are a very misunderstood, yet much-followed group of people. There are so many shows that glamourise the industry when the reality of being a model is such a far cry from most of the “reality” series that audiences get to see.


Q. Do you have friends making movies as well and do you sense competition amongst you? What do you think of their movies?

A. Filmmaking is a much longer process than most people realize. The friends that I have that are involved in the industry know that. There is often so much invested personally and financially that comparisons between each other would really only be seen as unsupportive. You need your friends to give you the courage to continue. .

Q. What was your original concept for making the film?

A. I wanted viewers to vicariously experience what it really feels like to make a living from your outside appearance.


Q. What was the biggest challenge for you in the process of making this film?

A.Unlike a reality series, nothing was scripted and very little could be planned. We followed the models to every casting, event and job - and that process definitely kept us on our toes.

Q. What are the key elements to making an effective fashion documentary?

A. I think there needs to be a blend of ‘in front of’ and ‘behind’ the camera shots. Juxtaposing the two is what hopefully creates the tension.


Q.What is your suggestion for making some budgets for a film?

A. You need to be very organised and have contingencies in place when you need them. You also need to let your budget go when it’s gone. Recouping the investment of a film can take as long as making it, so patience is something that needs to be cultivated throughout the process.

Q. What advice do you have for aspiring filmmakers?

A. Don't keep your ideas to yourself. Speak with people you admire or want to work with and listen to their opinion before you jump in. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t believe in your own abilities, but just know that filmmaking is a group effort, so learning to communicate your ideas early on will only help get you where you need to go.