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Q and A with Nici Hofer AND Karin Berndl Filmmakers of Une Journee Chez Mamie ” Their film was nominated for Best Costume Design Award at LFFF2019

How and when did you become interested in filmmaking?

We always loved visual storytelling, so the transition from shooting fashion stills to moving image felt like a natural process. Our background of working in advertising also brought a passion for moving image to our work.

What is a fashion film?

For us it is visual story-telling that allows the fashion to play a hero role. It can be really conceptual and narrative-based, or simply expressive and emotive.

Why make a fashion film?

We love to create impactful visuals, and the medium of film allows for an extended visual world.


What makes fashion film different to other short film genres?

Fashion films feel much more free than the usual rules of other short film genres, as it can be purely based on a strong art directional look or an emotion.

What were you looking for in your characters?

We love a genuine vibe in all the cast and models we work with, uniqueness and a strong personality.

Do you have friends making movies as well and do you sense competition amongst you? What do you think of their movies?

Our range of friends in the film industry stretches from first-time Documentary makers, to advertising directors, to feature film producers/directors. We feel inspired by their passion and skill, and the density of fantastic talent is what makes London so special. We bounce off each other’s work and creativity.

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What was your original concept for making the film?

The concept was to capture the feeling of time passing slowly as a child. We all remembered slow afternoons at our nan's house, without your friends around or even a TV. The idea to set the story in a granny flat allowed for a strong visual aesthetic, which is important for us.

What was the biggest challenge for you in the process of making this film?

The biggest challenge is always in good planning. We spend a lot of time planning and preparing for our shoots, which allows us to focus fully on being creative on the day.

What challenges did you face working with kids?

We love working with kids. It is our aim to capture their free spirit and the unexpected and true moments make the shooting really enjoyable. We are patient if a child needs time and so far, we always managed to get brilliant performances from our actors.

. I am aware that you have made children’s fashion films and advertisements for a few brands and I was wondering how you decided to make children’s fashion films rather than adults?

We simply love working with kids, but we also create adult fashion films and enjoy both equally.

How did you decide about clothing, jewellery and makeup?

We work with our trusted stylist and Make-up Artist who both brought their vision to this film. We work collaboratively and by discussing looks and options with our team it becomes clear pretty quickly which fashion or hair trends we all feel strongly about.

Nici And Karin Foreveryoungmagazine Kidsfashion

What are the key elements to making an effective fashion film?

Passion and Vision.

What is the difference between a fashion film and advertisement?

Fashion films feel freer than a typical advert which often depends on a twist or joke. When we create a fashion film we ask ourselves which emotion we want to leave the viewer with.

What advice do you have for aspiring filmmakers?

Do your own thing, have fun and find people you love to work with to collaborate.

Nici And Karin Foreveryoungmagazine Kidsfashion