London Fashion Week Backstage

Basically, all my pictures are on the backstage of London Fashion Week, where, the most, I enjoy the time because we can see the effort of people working: hairdressers, make up artist, models, and stylists. All is consumed at the catwalk for 5 minutes but behind the scene is where all the works are done.

In the first picture, I stole a shot to a photographer while he was framing a model, waiting to be prepared. I liked the vision of the image in the camera. I thought it was the right moment to catch the unexpected pose. Designer: LEAF XIA.

In the second picture It is always the backstage of the Fashion Week A/W 18. The fashion designer was Dumpty and I was amazed how all models were made up and branded with his name on all model's foreheads. I spot this model while he was being prepared before the catwalk.

In the third picture it was not at the Fashion Week. It was taken during a documentary named: "can you make me a porn star", where we documented an ex-porn star, after quit with her job, how happy was with her life and the success of her movies. Especially, she wants to underline the importance to not mix sex-pleasure and the proper job. The message was not to feel the shame of it and be proud for what you think worth it in your life. The documentary was for "Little Sassy Production" direct by Vanessa Cruickshank..

Fabio Piazza, Photographer