Q And A with J.OIE crew members, their film was nominated for the "BEST 2D/3D ANIMATION" Award for the London Fashion Film Festival 2023

Q. Please introduce yourself and what film you entered at the LFFF?

A. J.OIE is a collaborative experimentation project that seeks to explore computational design tools and techniques in the development of body adornments based on bioinspired algorithms. The group is made up of creatives working in different areas of digital design and architecture and computer graphics art: Flavia Rigoni; GuiLin Yang; Eduardo Camillozzi; Yizao Wu; Marina Brant; Mateus Sartori; Camilla Calegari; Wadson Amorim; Barbara Felipe and Henrique Lattes Borçato. It should be mentioned that these experiments are part of the doctoral research of the Italian-Brazilian designer Flávia Marieta Rigoni carried out at the State University of Minas Gerais. We have entered the London Fashion Film Festival with a virtual and digital fashion film "Joie-Journey of Imaginary Exploration". We tried to set the poetic scene of the story on a planet on the edge of the Orion constellation in 2048. The lonely cyborg walks on the vast planet. She is wearing a series of psychedelic digital dresses and adornments. The texture of the dresses and adornments, which resemble the growth of natural creatures, seems to add vitality to the planet, and the reddish glow from meteorites seems to give the planet a glimmer of light.

Q. How and when did you become interested in filmmaking?

A. As one of our fashion film directors, Guilin Yang became very fascinated with filmmaking after graduating from university, but at that time he did not have enough skilled foundation to make films independently, so he started to study CG and animation production by self-study to satisfy his pursuit. When he joined our team, he showed our virtual fashion and digital jewellery design more perfectly by making digital fashion films and presenting our concept and vision of future virtual fashion design.

Q. What is a fashion film?

A. Fashion film is a fusion creative medium that combines fashion design, film production, and storytelling. It allows the designers and artists to let the audience feel the fashion designer’s concept and artistic expression through the dynamic video. The purpose of fashion film is not just simple brand promotion, but more importantly, to create a close and intense emotional link with audiences and potential customers. In addition, with the rapid rise and development of artificial intelligence and metaverse concepts in recent years, the digitalization of fashion movies has attracted more and more attention from the fashion field. This trend has also begun to break the boundaries of the fashion industry and make fashion more diversified.

Why make a fashion film?

Q. Why make a fashion film?

A. Our project focuses on the application of biologically inspired algorithms in garments and jewelry design. Nature and biology are eternal sources of inspiration and topics for designers and artists in any field. In our future conception, no matter in the digital metaverse or in the real outer space, the clothing of creatures can express the worship and longing of human beings for nature. So we try to convey our ideas and imaginations by making digital fashion film. And that’s why we named the work as a journey of imaginary exploration.

Q. What makes fashion film different to other short film genres?

A. The goal of fashion film is to express the ideal scenario of fashion design immersively through film lens, scene and character setting, plot arrangement and other aspects so that the audience can intuitively see the creator’s speculation about future fashion trends and possibilities. At the same time, fashion films can also convey the creator’s taste, emotion, and artistic concept, which can help to visualize the design concepts and ideology of fashion designers and brands. These are the places where fashion films are different from other film genres.

Q. Do you also have friends making movies and sense competition amongst you? What do you think of their movies?

A. Of course, there are many friends who are engaged in computer graphics (CG) art and film production industry. From our point of view, practitioners in the same field are not competitors. On the contrary, just like the ancient Chinese saying "If three walk together, one can be my teacher (idiom, from the Analects of Confucius)".Everyone not only works in the same industry field but also learns and communicates with each other and promotes each other. Meanwhile, this has also created many interesting cooperation between people in the same or different fields and achieved unexpectedly good results .Just like our J.OIE team is also honoured to cooperate with Alimama and Metaverse Technology Company Starheir to participate in the physical (physical plus digital)  fashion show held in Shanghai Design Week 2023.

Q. What was the biggest challenge for you in the process of making the film?

A. For Guilin, the animation creator and developer, the main challenge was to maximize the enchantment and beauty of digital costumes and jewelry in just a few seconds of video content, while also seeking to express and present the atmosphere and avatar without overshadowing the highlight of body adornments. In addition, we have to mention that the core of our fashion film - the creative process of digital costume design .The costumes and props used in the film were conceived through computational design, a modeling and creation process that required specific knowledge in programming and computational thinking. By using components and establishing algorithmic definitions, the team was able to create shapes that mimicked natural phenomena, such as the structure of butterfly wings, fish skin patterns and plant growth. The project resulted from the collaboration between designers and architects from different countries, facing challenges such as the language barrier and the difference in time zones. These adversities were overcome with the use of digital tools for automatic translation and interactive work platforms, which enabled the creation of an efficient and productive collaboration environment.

Why do you think filmmakers should participate in film festivals?

Q. Why do you think filmmakers should participate in film festivals?

A. Film festivals provide valuable opportunities for filmmakers to showcase their work to a diverse audience, enhancing the film’s visibility and potentially yielding valuable feedback. Furthermore, the festival environment brings together professionals from the film industry, creating opportunities for connections that can lead to future collaborations and creative partnerships. Thus, festivals play a vital role in promoting and advancing filmmakers’ careers.

Q. What elements make a fashion documentary remarkable?

A. An exceptional fashion film brings together various elements such as a captivating theme, thorough research, carefully crafted visual aesthetics, a strong narrative, an engaging soundtrack, deep emotional connections, and innovative cinematic techniques. These components combine not only to inspire and captivate the audience but also to shed light on the intricate and ever-evolving world of fashion.

Q. What are the key elements to making an effective fashion film?

A. To create an effective fashion film, several essential elements must be taken into account. These elements include a strong and creative concept that will guide the narrative and aesthetics of the film, a well-written script, the selection of locations to create the desired atmosphere and convey the message, meticulously planned and executed costume and styling, meticulous art direction, the appropriate selection of the soundtrack, and the team involved in the project’s development.

Q. What is the difference between a fashion film and an advertisement?

A. The main difference between them lies in purpose and approach. Fashion films are more centered on artistic expression, narrative, and aesthetics, often created as standalone works of art or for film festivals. Advertisements, on the other hand, are marketing tools designed to directly promote fashion products to consumers, with a focus on product exposure and persuasion.

Q. How do video advertising, film, and documentary attract customers and brand awareness?

A. Advertising in video, film, or documentary has the ability to tell captivating stories, deepen the brand, and associate it with relevant causes or themes. They can attract customers by creating an emotional connection and demonstrating knowledge and authenticity while increasing brand recognition through narrative and visibility.

Q. What is your suggestion for making some budgets for a film?

A. The structuring of a film’s budget is a meticulous and intricate process that demands a clear definition of the vision, scope, and all necessary elements for both production and post-production. It is essential to estimate costs carefully, including a contingency margin to address unexpected expenses that may arise during production. This meticulous approach plays a crucial role in ensuring that financial resources are allocated efficiently to bring the project’s vision to life.

Q. What advice do you have for aspiring filmmakers?

A. Para aspiring filmmakers, our suggestion is that they study and learn constantly, start with the available resources, practice regularly by creating short films and experimenting with different genres and techniques. Be willing to make mistakes, as they are valuable in the process of learning and growth. Strive to tell meaningful stories, collaborate with other professionals, aim to develop a personal style, explore new technologies, and be open to constructive criticism.

What advice do you have for aspiring filmmakers?