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The London Fashion Film Festival 14 Sep 2018


Film Title Director Running Time
RSEA Sophia Banks 1:00
Urban Revivo Spring 2018 Tim Wong 1:10
London Mashup Miguel Angulo 0:53
 Mondrian Doha Justin Kramer 2:00
Zortrax Fashion Martyna Iwańska 0:49
The Night Before Christmas Chris Skinner 1:00
 Patta x Dekmantel - What a world Bear 3:42
Mood Swing Leo Adef 2:01
FutureHood Ced Pakusevskij 1:20
 I'll Be Your Mirror I Could Never Be A Dancer 2:25
MIRROR ME Diana Gullotto 1:50
Santos - Cartier Seb Edwards 1:00
Soft is the new strong Fabrice Gobert & Bertrand Degove 1:30
ASMR Tarik Malak & Timothy Douglas (Tn’T) 2:50
 Timeless Seb Edwards 1:30
The Gift from Nature Ranadeep Bhattacharyya & Judhajit Bagchi 1:15
Karl Lagerfeld for Jaspal Dean Alexander 1:30
MARTAN Daan Groot 1:42
Tomboy Roman Reyes 2:08
Crieri  Matteo Trincanato 1:00
Infinity Kristy Fung 0:51
Imminent Niamh Foster 1:00
essence of life Christopher Stark 2:28
beyond  Christopher Stark 3:21
victorian rebels hila chen 2:07
Inseparable Olga Navrotska 3:38
Narcissus Josh Brandao & Nicolai Kornum 3:30
Macrocosmos Adrien Servadio 2:48
The Perfect Parisienne Victor Claramunt 1:40
a rare girl in a window Olaa Zhyzhko 3:20
The Kneed Marco De Giorgi 1:57
Seduction John Haugh 1:07
I'm with the Brand   0:46
Chanel SS18 for Marie Claire Arabia Tamas Sabo 1:07
Mojeh x Chanel: Castaway Tamas Sabo 1:00
Start the Buzz Giacomo Boeri & Matteo Grimaldi 1:23
A Postcard From Sorrento Laura Weaver 1:26
Perfect In Her Own Right Christina MacGillivray 2:00
Ideas that exchange Seb Caudron 1:15
The Illusion of the Butterfly Paul McLean 1:47
Not(e) for a Dreamer Enrico Poli 7:21
Wake-Up Florian Kaltenbach 0:45
Stieglitz - Morocco Nick Harmsen & Douwe Hennink 1:00
10 Hours in a Motel Room Ryan Rosewall 3:44
Faceoff "Fencing" Florian Kaltenbach 1:32
BE YOUR NATURE Nuttaphon Sornchimsiang 1:4
Lilith Joana Bastos 2:33
untitled Viktor Sloth 2:00
Butae - Everyone can be beautiful Jan Mantanakorn 1:24
Emporior Armani Watch in every life (men  JEEYOUNG YOON 0:52
ARMOUR Ben Briand 2:40
I AM AN INDIVIDUAL Amber Moelter 7:00
BLOOMING IDOL Benjamin Audour 1:10
The Beauty of Reverso Michael Brent Adam 9:30
The Beautiful People - Episode One (September) Nicky Greenwall 2:46
I am Thinking of Pierre Cardin Matthew Miller 4:04
imitation Roman KIm 3:52
JENN LEE SS18 Intro Mel Hsieh 0:36
Fellow Dreamers Apirana Ipo 1:21
City Blossom Victor Claramunt 1:00
The Faded Age ilay Alpgiray 5:00
Nordic Winter Henrik Steen, Charlotte Andersen 0:30
My Music Henrik Steen, Charlotte Andersen 1:00
Kukukid School AW2018 Adrian Chudek 1:00
Anamnesis Kit Bencharongkul 3:19
Patterns of Restlessness Damien Vignaux 1:17
Ovation for OSCAR Ryan Curtis, SCAD Alumnus